Anti-Social Networking

These are the old social links I don’t really use so I moved them back here

The ones I like and use currently are located at the “Where’s funDiva” tab.



I like myBlogLog. It seems to be less hypey than the other social sites, and I think it is fun to see little pictures of people who have visited your site, then you just click on their pic and visit their site, it’s more like actually being at a party in real life than the random spammer “friend” things that are around.


I just happened to start with MBL (myBlogLog) instead of BC, I think they are about the same cept BC looks a little more grownup. I haven’t gotten the widget to work here otherwise i’d just be doing both.


It may just be easier to look up funDiva Christy than have to use this nonhelpful link, come on Amazon, you’re not big enough to let us pick usernames?


OK if you try to send me an invite, it tracks you by email address, of which I have thousands which I use on purpose to keep spam out. So if I don’t have the email you know me by on record with linkedin, I will not be able to accept. In that case, shoot me an email and your linkedin link, and I will send the invite to you. Stupid linkedin, they want me to import my address book, thereby potentially compromising all my friends’ email, not gonna happen, I’d rather do without. I had the same issue with plaxo, for which I did use a coded email and, as I predicted, did end up getting spam, so I shut it down. And now plaxo is out, and linkedin is in, until the next thing comes along.

I don’t get the point of squidoo so what I put here is retarded, and it drives me crazy to visit lenses, it’s like a marketing meat market, but I wanted to claim my name for starfish sake.

OK so if you haven’t noticed, try funDiva as the username, then if it’s not me, use funDivaChristy (which I use if funDiva was taken stupid youtube gal) If I forgot any communities, leave a comment with your info too and we can link.