B12 – Bingo!

Re: What sublingual B12 do you take?

I restricted search to MethylCobalamin and I was looking for 1000 mcg dose and found two with lactose as the only sugar:  Natural Factors and Superior Source

Superior Source (they also have 5000 mcg and forms w folic &/or B6)
Other Ingredients: Lactose (milk) and acacia gum.
[Note: technically acacia is prebiotic/soluble, but they are so tiny I can only image it’s trace amounts)

Natural Factors (they also have 5000 mcg)
Other ingredients: Lactose (from milk), cellulose, croscaramellose sodium, magnesium stearate (vegetable grade).

The Superior Source is twice as expensive, and due to lack of binders dissolves almost instantly but also the bottle now has a bit of flaked off powder, I doubt this is an issue for dosage, but I sort my vitamins into a daily pill box thingie so I liked the Nat Factors better for the durability/portability.  Superior is proly a better product thou, and I just got their sublingual D as well.  I’m glad you asked cuz I kept thinking about cost and at ONE per day, yearly that’s $60 vs $30.  I can handle that!

EDIT: Since posting I also received the Superior Source Vitamin D, and sorted it into my pill box and it seems to be holding up fine, so I think 1) the Superior B12 is more delicate, 2) Both would be fine in my pill box at home, which is not jostled around much and 3) I put some B12 (like 3) fit into an empty 00 capsule for taking with me to work so it doesn’t bounce around and get crushed with other pills.

My research led me to believe that B12 is better utilized with some other B cofactors (and my Folate was low also) so I was taking a B50 complex at the same time (not sublingual thou) then I ran out & ignored the B50 a few months and just got some again last week.  I get complacent if I can’t tell that what I’m taking is doing anything or not.

The B Complex I’m now taking is Swanson Premium Balance B-50 – 500 Capsules $8.99

If money were no object I’d continue with Thorne B#12 – 60 Capsules $12.40
(This Thorne formula has higher B12 to start with (600 mcg) and I was still taking it with the add’l 1000 mcg B12)

It is also my belief that there is no benefit to taking a B Complex that is higher potency than B50 – if you need the source on that and can’t find it with google, contact me and I’ll dig it up.

Technically, I avoid major dairy, thou I think my issue is Casein and not Lactose, but out of the hundreds of Sublingual MethylCobalamin B12 I looked at, they all had what I would consider “worse” FructMal offenders of sorbitol, mannitol, fructose, etc.