Dear SendGrid

Dear SendGrid,

After lots of research and looking at more than a dozen options for starting my new newsletter, I was really excited to choose SendGrid. Knowing that I was just starting out, I was delighted that you offered a free trial, so I could sign up and not have to worry about paying anything until I grew my list. Excited I signed up, then WHAMO! – I was flagged for suspicious account. What a bummer. I use coded email so if that was the reason, I accept that. Then I filled out another page with detailed information. On that page I sent a link to my marketplace site which should be clear that I am a real person with products to sell. I would have been happy to use a credit card for a deposit if that would have helped verify me faster.

And now – crickets! No word about anything for 48 hours. Not even the simplest of verification from a company that sends millions of emails – seriously folks, you couldn’t send a simple verification email as a first step?

What would be super awesome is if someone could invite me to the Accelerate program. I am a solopreneur, not some big startup. And so I am going to post this in public and see who I already know who has a connection to someone who can reach out and help get this sorted out.

Thanks and have a super day : smile :