Fitness Tracking Aug-Dec 2018

Ten Weeks 7/7, Five Weeks 6/7 and Two Weeks 5/7 for a total of 110/119 = 92.4%

My goal is hit at least 6/7 every week which would be 85.7% so for this quarter I am ahead.  My ideal goal is also to not miss two days in a row, so Sept 9th and 10th was a miss, I had a Toastmasters speech I struggled with for Monday morning and I ended up staying up all night.  My speech was twice as long as it was supposed to be on domain names, which I know too much about so it ended up being more work than I thought to pare it down to minimal.

Will go back to Sept 2017 to calculate what my totals are since I committed to daily tracking.

Right-Click to download the blank Calandar in ODS format which should import to Excel smoothly