funDiva Talents and Skills

Here’s my pseudo-resume:

Anything computer or Internet related I either know how to do or can learn rapidly. I can help you determine the best people, products and services to use to create and achieve your ultimate results. I am also well networked with a gaggle of geeks that I can get input from or outsource.

I have phenomenal communication and customer service talent. I am a wizard of research, online and off, and wonderful at tracing and harnessing your existing online presence. My preference is to use open source and often free tools, which have solid and ongoing support, unless there is a logical and justified reason for paying for a product, software or service.

Here’s stuff I am very familiar with, love to do and am really good at:

Audio – creation, recording, editing, transcription, layering music with spoken word, podcasting. I have hosted and produced teleseminars, can record, edit, enhance and manage calls.

Graphics – photo manipulation and cleanup, logos, avatars, buttons, and even HQ work for offline printing

Branding and brainstorming for memorable and available domain names, premium domain registration, protection and management.

I can produce .doc .pdf .xls .html .css .zip .mp3 .avi .swf and probably any other format you require.

I use the best tools for the job, which almost always means non-proprietary. But it is fully compatible with the formats you are used to, so if you send me a Microsoft Word document (.doc) I will produce it however you require using my own faster, more efficient means and you would never know the difference, except I’m telling ya now.

Screen capture and webinar video tutorials (but prefer text and screenshots as html or pdf to better accommodate users of all levels)

Web Site Layout, Navigation, Accessibility, Usability and Compatibility with beautifully formatted and validated HTML, CSS, Content Editing, Copy-editing, Proofreading, Formatting and Design Layout

Social Networking/Blogging – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (ick-not recommended!) LinkedIn, Plaxo, MyBlogLog, MyBlogCatalog, Digg, WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad, YouTube, flickr, Skype and about 100 more I signed up for and can use if they prove to be useful.

I was a BBlist moderator back in the day (1999) when what eventually became forum lists were all done thru email. I have run and moderated Yahoo and MSN groups, private and public forums with vBulletin, SMF, phpBB, Orca and Ning community sites (the last two are ick – I find them to be difficult for beginners and frustrating for advanced users)

cPanel and Web Host Manager – including creating custom hosting packages and skins

Direct Mail – Mailing List Development and Maintenance, database development, verification and cleaning

Email Lists – Aweber, 1 Shopping Cart (all others, they all work about the same)

Anything else I didn’t cover?! Ask me – the answer is most likely yes 🙂