put your web on my shoulder

so I’m supposed to be going to sleep already and I had the lovely pleasure of doing hours of research on Doctors of Orthopaedic for Mike. And it came down to what I could find online. Now does that make any sense that I would choose a doctor based on what they chose to say about themselves on their own web site? well for me yes the docs I could find had nice sites, were savvy enough to own their own drsoandsomd.com names and a nice detailed description of what their experience was. so even deciding between two docs sharing an office one guy stood out head & shoulders (pun intended – did I mention its for Mikes shoulder surgery?) above the rest

does that make him qualified? better than the others? better than the guy we already saw whos office was so pitifully disorganized they failed to set the right time for the first appt and sent us home and forced us to reschedule with another 2 week delay because of their error, after mike had already taken time off of work to be there blah blah just for us to get to the 2nd appt for a get this TWO AND A HALF HOUR WAIT

so not the docs fault but if his office and staff are that incompetent, what does that say about the doctor?

we’ll see if the next office is better

and the new doc does sound really impressive in the shoulder area: http://www.sameernagdamd.com/specialization.html

final report after aug 1st, not a bad wait considering the hoopla we’ve been thru already