Victory Lap(dance) LOL

!!WARNING!! mature theme! nothing shocking though

OK so if ya were paying attention the past month, you know I got booted to 6AM shift at my job. Not a lot of quality people in the club at 6AM, but occasionally ya get lucky, but still nerve wracking for the inconsistency.

I haven’t had to audition for 12 years.

But last night, I got myself prettied up and went to Sapphire to audition. It was open auditions between 6-8PM. I didn’t even get past the parking lot. The hiring manager happened to be outside on a smoke break and overheard me tell the valet I was there to audition, so he jumped in and said “oh no we’re on a hiring freeze” Which either means they really have waaay too many girls or he took one look at me and decided to spare us both the trouble! My favorite awesome DJ works there so I’ll check the story with him. he he But it’s a huge club, in fact I think it’s the largest in North America so likely it is true. At least I know the managers name, introduced myself and gave him my web site just for giggles.

OH well. Plan B

From an ad on craigslist went to Runway knowing they just renamed and are under new management so probably had a clean sweep and looking for girls. Walked in, met the owner, he asked “are ya ready to go tonite?” Well of course. “got a sherrifs card, business license, ID” Yes yes yes. “OK hand that over” Walks me to the dressing room and tells me to find him when I’m ready. Done. “warning the pole spins” ummm yeah I don’t do the pole thing, but a much appreciated warning cuz I’ll use it for balance. DJ plays all 3 songs of my choice – the 90s stuff I love. 5 customers in the whole club, I get the attention of the 3 closest and they finally get up to tip me, 1st guy $20, 2nd guy tried $5 then his friend tells him its not enough, another 5, 3rd guy 5 for my fun attitude.

Tell them I’ll be back (hopefully) Like what do you say? That was my audition and I’d love to come back and dance for ya but first I have to see if I was hired?!

Back to the owner, totally cool. Fill this one page out, xerox the paperwork. Quick tour – Go to work.

Now I’m a Runway Girl

Great, super nice girls, bartender, DJ, owner. A bit of slag time from lack of customers, but the customers I did chat with were super fantastic too. Weird going from a big club to a small one, and especially so late in my career.

NINE count’em NINE hours, and a couple hundred dollars later, happy to be at home and ready for food & sleep.

And the geek in me just had to point out the Title tag error in runways main site – accidentally runAway

LOOK OUT! – Runaway Strippers! gotta laugh.

And thrilled that I can be SpongeBob HotPants again for Halloween tonite. I’ll take pictures and post them later – it’s hilarious!