It’s All About Me

Hey there this is funDiva Christy Hoffman.

Most of the time when I wander around the internet the first place I go is the About page, whether it’s a blog or a company, and if I like the people, I continue.  So I figured if you feel the same way, you’ll like that I put this page first, then you can search around to read about my random geeky adventures.

I live in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada USA with my even more fabulous husband and best friend Mike, our spunkasquirm kitteh Princess Megan Wonderful and fluffatronic kitteh Elkay.  I have a degree in Math with a minor in Physics and love the internet and related geek stuff.  Now I am retired from my former bonus funding work (if you can call it that) as a topless entertainer, the stripper kind.

2020 Mike Christy
2020 Mike Christy
2017 Mike Christy Bellagio
2017 Mike and Christy Bellagio Picture


Mike Megan & Christy

I aspire to be a globally famous personality – author, motivator, world peace leader and outrageous goofball.  Mostly I would consider myself a salesperson & marketer, when I have something I believe in enough to market.

My ultimate life goal is to inspire world peace.  And universal galactic peace just in case Kang and Kodos show up. But first and most importantly I want to be happy myself.

Which is my way to universal peace, I’m happy, then Mike’s happy then we’re happy together and then it spreads to my family and neighbors and america and canada and iraq and china and the rest of the world and really I could name many more countries than the average person, not all cuz well they keep reformulating themselves. Watch for my country naming talent appearing soon on youtube.

Funny how countries like to break off and reconfigure. I empathize cuz I really like rearranging my furniture. Its great for building new neural networks.

My social networks: click “Where’s funDiva” or tab above. (How inelegantly redundant)

Mike Megan & Christy

Spunkasquirm Megan is a challenge to capture portrait style.

Previous pictures – Mike and me kissing our Precious: Her Royal Highness Princess Samantha Kitten (now in catnip heaven). We redid the shot with Elkay who was much less annoyed by the process cuz she’s a natural extrovert like me.
Mike Samantha & ChristyElkay Kissy by Mike & Christy