Books read so far in 2021 –

You have read 262 of 120 books in 2020 –

You have read 162 of 104 books in 2019 –

You have read 142 of 52 books in 2018 –

My book journey started the end of 2016 when I decided to give up TV and movies and read, specifically classic literature.  My goal for 2017 was 26 books and my final total was 42.  My goal for 2018 was 52 books and I ended up reading 142.  I set my goal for 2019 at 104 books, only to give myself space if I find a project this year that warrants more time required.  Edit April 2020:  Finished 2019 with 162 books finished.  Set 2020 goal at 120 books, my secret goal is to read 196 books so my three year total will be 500 books.

Some of my hints for increasing reading is I have trained myself to listen at higher speeds, and that I have my books set up ahead of time on my portable device so I always have a few books ahead of whatever I am currently reading in the pipeline.  It is my preference to stick to one book at a time, although I have found I can do a fiction and non-fiction book concurrently and alternate.  My daily exercise habit is confirmed, thus that allows 30-45 minutes right there, and I listen while I eat and sometimes can listen while prepping food so there is another hour to 1.5 hours per day.  My daily listening opportunity is likely a minimum of an hour and up to three hours, and is only increased if I am overclocking my listening speed.

For reference – War and Peace 61 hours – my time was one week, yet I know I pushed to listen more, Brothers Karamazov 35 hours, Crime and Punishment 25 hours, How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie 10 hours