Where’s funDiva?


I only log in to facebook when I am forced to, and always log out when I am done.  That being said, I do get notified if you PM me there, way easier is use the contact tab above.

Then if you promise to respect my email you have direct access and that simplifies things.

Facebook Profile: hhttp://facebook.com/funDiva

Twitter: http://twitter.com/funDivaChristy

And that’s The End. Seriously, I am a member of like a gazillion Social networking sites and I hardly use any of them. I at least log in to Facebook every couple of days, but I have just now disabled events and dumped all groups cuz it was just getting too spammy. If you really want to know me and not just “friend” me so you can pitch me on your latest new thing, then please do that.

Can you tell the difference in my wearyness here compared to my regular upbeat self? I am over the anti-social spammyness of the so-called social networks. And at the same time, I want to continue to meet and connect with nifty neat new people.

The right people will understand this 🙂

For posterity I moved the old links here: