how they should do food sensitivity testing

oh too funny!

I got my blood work back from the doc and Nerissa & Joe just had theirs done too.

So I was telling Mike about the video I watched from the place Joe went to and about how in depth it was & what they do to the blood and he just laughed and said, “Is it anything like how they tested the blood in John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’?”

And of course, I would never had seen a movie like this cuz I don’t like the scary stuff!

But thankfully, here it is, just that scene. You can watch the first 1:30ish to get the gist of whats happening then drag the slider to about 3:45 for the hilarious funny part. Then if you don’t like the icky stuff stop watching.


I was finding this so funny it didn’t bug me, and I freak out over certain X-Files.

I’ll have to ask Nerissa & Joe if they think this blood reaction would be an accurate indicator of a food thats bad for you.


Joe’s thoughts on food sensitivity:

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