Bad *fish paste*

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official –

the funDiva MindHack is set for Wednesday Night after the Ben Mack Bad *fish paste* call.

Go Here for details:

He’s hilariously playing up the stripper angle
Hack Tweet

I’m still curious if that was what prompted Sean’s tweet during the call, which of course I didn’t see til after it was over.

What’s up with all the *fish paste*?
You all are enjoying that as a result of my SpongeBobized Profanity Filter userscript.

Original userscript here:
and scroll down for how to change the replacement words, if ya get stuck contact me and I’ll help ya thru.

So why would I participate in a Bad *fish paste* call if I don’t typically swear myself? Well Ben rocks as a coach and is a great marketer, so methinks the Bad *starfish* name is clever phunkization.

Just like the whole “ooh funDiva is a stripper” idea. Yes, it is true that I have a job as a topless entertainer. But BEing a stripper implies a certain “stripper lifestyle” which people who know me, know is not the case. In fact, as I have known probably many many more strippers than you (at least let’s hope so), I have hundreds of real-life examples of non-strippery women who have worked as a stripper. You just don’t hear about the nice, normal girl strippers cuz a) they operate in stealth and b) the bad ones get all the attention!

I’ll break out the Venn Diagrams for ya later in the week. The logic goes like this:
Strippers are bimbos.
funDiva is a stripper.
Therefore, funDiva is a bimbo.

The logical fallacy is in the statement Strippers are bimbos, which implies ALL strippers are bimbos.

I like this one better:
All marketers are liars.
Everyone is a marketer.
Hencetoforth, everyone is a liar.

Leaping barnacles, and now your pants are on fire! Whadya expect from a bimbo?

I’m partial to this definition of BIMBO

3 Replies to “Bad *fish paste*”

  1. I am an “ex-stripper” ( no lie)
    become a marketer; what does that make me? hmmmmm
    like your style
    thanks and take care,

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