cute twitter bird

How fun! I just added twitter counter to boost my ego as I have a lot more twitter followers than blog RSS subscribers.

I couldn’t tweak it exactly as does not allow javascript, but I did find a cute icon from which of course I funDivaized into lavender and pink.

The HTML counter and image code for the birdie are simply typed in a text widget, in case you wanted to put this on your own blog, and there’s a plugin at Twitter Counter for those of you with real wp blogs.

I’m figuring the counter and little bird should appear about here —————————->

Twitter Counter is also useful for looking back at the number of followers, especially since twitter did a clean up a few days ago, I had a drop of about 30 followers, but the big tweeters had bigger drops and were all afluttter.

I use for image manipulation, and since it was a png file to start with the layers were easily tweaked the “Hue” and “Lightness” to get the birdie body lavender, then magic wand selected the beak and legs in a new layer and tweaked Hue again. (The first tweak gave me a bright green beak – see for the different variations)

Here’s the bigger twitter birdie:

lavender twitter birdie
lavender twitter birdie

Princess Megan Wonderful would prefer little birdie encrusted with catnip.

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