dissing formality

ok so i decided to type and write more freely which means ya get what i can type the fatest or what i dragon

so in case ya think im uneducated for not capping letters or i didnt spellcheck or whatever get over it

i have a standing agreement w friends and email that we dont have to say

Dear So and so,

ever so time wastingfully and formally in each stupid email when the point is the message  so thats me agreement with you gentle reader of my blog that i just type it and thats it  this is about me getting my brain out and if you find it interesting then whoopdeedo and youll get over it cuz then well be friends too instead of not and we can all be happy  i promise to not use all caps and maybe ill justify updating or correcting if i find that i ever want to promote myself and sell ya something i created  hehe a practical capitalist   capitalist meaning willing reciever of money not punctuation  how fun and ironic and i didnt even intend it that way  i am witty without trying

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