free books for everyone

Ok i have waaay too many books out from the library right now.  I finished molecules of emotion though sheer determination, and I also cut off my cable tv last week.  lovely and refreshing

the 4hour work week finally came in, and i had been looking forward to it but also too cheap to buy it.  actually i wrote about it on my old blog that i dont have to own too many books cuz their already a source of clutter for me

but its all too easy to put things on hold, and just because a book is an ILL (interlibrary loan) all of a sudden it gets pushed up in importance becuse I had to fight so hard to get it.  bugtt that doesnt mean its a better book.

4HWW actually has the audacity to say to get rid of all nonfiction except of course for 4hww!  which does at least make sence and i didnt take it with any offense  the more nonfiction i read the more ideas i have and its a great way of distracting myself further  from doing anything actually productive

i also made myself an over the air antenna, out of a random female/female plastic clip thing i found in mikes work stuff and two wire hangers, just so i might actually be able to still record the simpsons  but spongebob is gone, sadly the same day the cable actually went off was finally the day sailor mouth was to air later that afternoon  its gotta be somewhere on vhs  how funny – can I really consider myself a geek without cable, a cell phone or tivo?  well absolutely

too many possibilities, but what is my greatest probability for success?  someone tell me

or I could be bold and pick a thing and just do it instead of wasting time posting nonsense to my blog

Ok list of things to do today:

run errands now


fix links & launch audio program

in that order and no stopping til its done or distractions or excuses  cuz you should have just gone to work if you werent going to do anything actually productive  inspired action, obvious action, pretend action

go go go