Update as of 1PM Pacific MondayHuge outpouring of love has me back in my calm. I love and appreciate everyone for helping me out of this. I will keep you updated on my new happiness. I may delete the below as to not reinforce it and also i will later explain more clearly my loa stand, its not that I dont believe it its that I dont like how some people choose to try and explain it, its a faith thing, which i have much more of than 10 hours ago! 🙂

deleted in the interest of not making it worse
explain more later

I choose to allow delightful happiness and joy now.

One Reply to “Help”

  1. Hey there Christy…I am new at Portable Empire. Thanks for sharing your truth. I have been emotionally in the place you are in….the best advice I got which worked almost immediately was to start a continuous barage or avalanche of gratitude NOW…everything that has happened that you are grateful for, everything you have HAD in your life, and everything you are now grateful for. Pull yourself out of this…shift your energy via gratitude from a place of scarcity and lack to a place of prosperity, love, wealth on all levels ..I sense your power…you are a beautiful, divine, powerful, intelligent, creative, healthy, sexy woman…rock on sister….good stuff is happening to you NOW because you deserve massive amounts of abundance…you are loveable, you are loved, you love you! Goodbye victimhood, hello empowered Goddess and Diva of Fun and Love and all things fabulous!