IBS audio hypnosis

For the past few years, I have struggled with keeping my tummy healthy. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years, and eat fairly healthy, sometimes healthier than others.

So when I first experienced tummy trouble that actually interfered in my daily life and functioning to the point that I was sick continuously (at least four days of the week) and prevented me from sleeping and working normally, I turned to the internet for answers.  The likely culprit – IBS.

It was overwhelming – learning about what to eat, how to eat, triggers, differences in fiber, stress – and there was a LOT of ambiguity and dissenting opinions.

I started following some of the dietary* suggestions, but there was something else that caught my eye as a much more appealing and consistent solution – hypnosis for IBS. After reading just a few of the success stories, I was determined to at least give it a shot.

I bought the CDs at a local health food store that I found thru one of the IBS forums, just so I wouldn’t have to wait for them to be shipped! It seemed kinda pricey at $100, but really that’s the same cost for me as two specialist doctor co-pays, and I believe in alternative medicine so much more, I knew it would be worth it. And if I am so sick that I am missing days at work, that’s money lost much faster!

The setup is intriguing – instead of the same program over and over, the IBS Audio Program is a 100 day program that consists of five different hypnosis sessions. You listen each day to the scheduled session, and over time you are listening to them in a different order. I am very curious how they determined the schedule, and at the same time, since it has been so helpful to me, I don’t really care!

What matters to me is that it worked! And a super great side benefit is that I found the sessions so relaxing, I was able to use them to go to sleep. I am a believer that sleeping thru hypnosis is just as effective as being awake, which happily is a view shared by the programs creator, Hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney.

Being the instant gratification type that I am, I was disappointed that you had to order them on CD, I did recommend this program to several friends who could not find a store local to them, so they ordered them by mail, and although it is totally worth the wait, the sooner you start, the sooner you could be feeling better.

So I am just delighted that the IBS Audio Program 100 is now available as an instant mp3 download.


Audio Program for effective IBS Treatment since 1998

And cheaper than what I paid and worth every penny.

To happy tummys for all!


*Side Rant: There are too many dietary factors, in my opinion, that contribute to what works and what doesn’t for people suffering from IBS. A typical example is a general recommendation for people who are suffering from acute diarrhea is to follow the BRAT diet for a couple of days – Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast

Except that for me myself personally, bananas are upsetting, as is applesauce by itself. It may be the case that I am also fructose sensitive, because apples really well Vita-Mix blended as part of my shake with other ingredients seems to be fine, whereas applesauce on its own is upsetting. Bananas – blended, plain, ripe, unripe – always upsetting. My suspicion is that maybe banana bread would be OK, but if not pumpkin or zucchini are just fine by me.