motion sensitivity

whoa strange  so like i have my doc appt today to find out if theres some reason for me feeling sick all the time  and what i thought was ibs may be food allergy or  some other thing and sometimes i get really oversensitive to everything like air moving or noise or light to the extent that i cant sit in front of the computer cuz its too bright or watch tv same reason and i am too tired to hold up a book or even keep my eyes open  and this is of course after having what was supposed to be ample sleep

so i had to drive mike to work or walk to appt which is feasible but impractical in 108degree F weather so we get in the car and mikes driving and i really havent felt normal since i hit a wall of ugh feeling at about 4:30 am and its around 7:35  so in the car everything is too loud  the world is too bright and the air is bothering me  and i feel like im falling or that the car is spinning so i put my hands up like as if to want to balance myself and mike notices and of course asks if im ok which i say i am so sorry but no i feel all wierd and everything hurts  so he asks if i want to go home and i know hes got to get to work so i say no but he says do ya want me to call work and take you to your appt and be late and i say that if hes ok with that that would be fine and he says ok and we head home  i was laying down in the car but the pressure of the seatbelt on my body hurt and the noise was too much  and i get out of the car at home and make it into bed but the thing that bugs me the most is that i had to take my bra off cuz the pressure of it was too much and i felt like i couldnt breathe.  ok so its not like its that tight its that im so sensitive ugh ugh  i had a few good days and i just so want there to be a logical, non-psychological reason for all of this  without being too medically scary

appt in 20 minutes to be continued

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