Sally’s Lucky Day

Have we all agreed already that I am a fullon geekdork?

Yes, then let’s continue.

Joe named his car Francine, so one day I commented to her* from my car, who that day I decided to name Sally. Silver Subaru Sally to be exact. Being the practical and thrifty diva that I am, I have had Sally since 2000 and she is a 1989 Subaru GL sedan. Bought for $3800 and requiring only a $300 heater core at the time of purchase, Sally has been perfect and dependable for me for these past seven years.


Recently, she was given new brakes by Mike, and she is having some radiator challenge, but she tells me that it’s no wonder now that I have to share her with Mike and he’s commuting with her daily in our fabulous 110 degree Las Vegas heat.  (EDIT: Pictured above – here she is in the Vegas mini-snowstorm, piffle she says compared to Denver!)

A low maintenance diva she is, just like me.

Tonite I noticed something fabulously exciting and cool about her. I like to keep track of my mileage when getting gas. Just for fun, Sally is delivering a respectable 22.8 mpg. And when recording the mileage at the gas station, it was 123,455.6

Oh my mathness had a jolt of excitement as I realized how easily I could make it home within that last 1.1 miles to record this geeky nifty event. I actually had to drive up and down my block, then decided to use reverse and go in and out of the driveway to get it just right so her photo session could take place inside the garage. Um, well it is 4 AM and the neighbors already think I’m weird so me with a spotlight inside my car in the street?

I distanced it just perfectly:

Sally's Lucky Day

Please note the also ultra geeky synchronization of Sally’s tripometer as well.

Now let’s see Francine do THAT!


oh and if ya get there and want a copy of Nerissa’s book get it from me! hehe

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