stevia coca-cola? almost

Knowing that I am already super sweet, and modest, of course, here’s a random list of my order of preference for sweeteners:

1) No sweetener – eat things that are happy naturally

2) Stevia – Sweet Leaf Liquid

(The 4 oz size will last ya like a year, and I bought breath drops and dumped the drops to make little travel stevia. I looked all over for the empty small containers and this was easier and like $1)

3) Honey, Maple Syrup

4) Sugar (and sadly, no sugar in the raw, turbindado, or any sugar stuff they try and market at the Health Food store is usually any better)

5) Saccarin

6) Aspartame

7) Say NO to Splenda (Sucrolose) I think this one is evil.

Double evil there, since I no longer worship google either, but I tolerate their evil out of laziness for now.

So if I ever have a coke, which may happen less than once a week if I get one at work, I get regular not diet. My thinking is that I’d rather have the evil possibility of weight gain, which is not my concern, or tooth rot which is no worry since I am a diligent daily flosser and brush after meals to boot.

I was so excited when I saw this article featured on the luckyVitamin blog

But alas, they are not including coke as a possible beverage to use stevia. Oh well, it’s not even as good as my Strawberry Ginger Ale anyway.

8/13/2007 – I am editing just for the sake of testing what feedblitz will do

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