ten after 1

can you believe it? I really managed to go to work last nite. at 4am. til 7 am.

i got lucky and had a guy that really enjoyed handing me money. my intention was to go and make enough to cover my house fee (which was raised for the mgmgt btw now $50 on stage $90 off, still not a bad deal) and ensure that i wasnt inactivated and that if i was that whoever the mgmt i would encounter would activate me wo hassle.

so I had called Shelly the extraordinary cashier at 1:30 and she said they dump activity every 2 weeks but that i should come in cuz it was busy and it would only take a minute to reactivate. so i walked in and was relieved to see henry who i know and have good repore with. he went to activate me and after a nerve wracking minute of punching he said of youre still active. i said thats weird and went to check in

shelly said it was 2 weeks, henry said it was 30 days. i hadent been there since 5/22 but whatever. still a huge relief it looked busy and moderate # of girls, no one standing around (bored girls that is) but i decided to be on stage just for the 40 savings in case i didnt think i’d do well

so i go get a dance 1st pick, bachelor guy whos drunk and rude but controllable next i dance for his friend that had paid, he went for the 3/100 and gave me a 20 tip so im at work less than half an hour and have 140, 90 profit nice

another rude jerk, all grabby but didnt want to pony up for it i told him if he wanted 20 version hed have to keep his hands completely off. he could for about 5 seconds so after about a minute of wrestling with him i informed him that he was paying premium whether he liked it or not cuz he was retarded. he was also from Ecuador so the translation and subtlety of making him understand gets more challenging we finished 2 dances and i told him 80 plus tip he balked and wanted to give me 40 i explained i had told him upfront, he claimed he had some other girl that was whatever and i pointed out he should have stuck with her or not lifted his hands for me. he offered 50 i countered 60 and he agreed all he had was 50 and 20 so i told him id get change and he said for a kiss i could keep it. peck zing bye bye senor jerko (sen~or can i compose an enye?)

uninteresting 25

then the cream of the crop beautifully nice polite appreciative gentleman right off the bat a definite vip he came here to spend money on a lovely gal and we had found each other round 1, 3 sets of 3 300 plus tip he gave me 350

took a break came back did more, went on stage dragging him with me then back for more repeat fun dancing stage repeat again met his pal also a lovely polite gentleman

do no guys understand how far just a little politeness and courtesy can go? does it matter these gentlemen were british? i dont know culturally that i support any of the stereotypes i think its just good manners & upbringing

the clock was ticking as i had to leave by no later than 7:15 to get car home for mike to get to work. as fate would have it, he ran out of money at the same time buddy called it time to go. brilliant

scurried out with jewelry on and ran into unmistakably fav former dj on way home stopped to chat for a few that really made my day to see him and know hes well also serious that he deserves a blog and im gonna teach him and record it and make it a product hes cool and has many books in him as well

stripclub life is interesting good thing there are only a scattered few who are smart enough to do it and stay smart about it and have the gumption to capitalize on it

1:35 do i stay or should i go now? oh ps got home ready for sleep, had wonderful meal & matrix2 11:30 to 9 would be nice. no, excruciating leg cramps awake at 1:30 and mad 20 min of hot water calmed the pain but then was awake awake awake 6pm again til sleep so that explains but doesnt forgive the delay

note to self: blanket support – neato theres inflatable too but prob a self construct will be fine



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