100 things I ♥LOVE♥ about my job

Randomly inspired by a comment on 43things about changing my phrase from “I HAVE to go to work” to “I GET to go to work” here’s my inspiration to look at the positive and appreciate everything I love about my job.

I love . . .
1.    Being on stage to great music
2.    Being handed money for no reason
3.    Making fun of people without them knowing it
4.    Being frou-frou girly
5.    My eyelashes
6.    When I’m having so much fun I lose track of time
7.    Feeling glamorous
8.    My creative ankle purse
9.    My SpongeBob purse
10.    When people think I’m silly and I don’t care
11.    Walking away from someone nasty into someone great
12.    As seen on Dancing with the Stars
13.    I can get my nic fix whenever I want
14.    I can take a break whenever I want
15.    Sticking bills to my sweating gives me a sense of hard work
16.    When people love and say yes to my USP
17.    When I geek people over for tips
18.    That I don’t require or have a cell phone
19.    My time is my own
20.    I can have a bad nites financially and still have fun
21.    When people acknowledge my job is tough
22.    Counting my money
23.    Making people smile
24.    Knowing I am a talented dancer
25.    Knowing I am a skilled marketer
26.    Being appreciated when I am helpful
27.    Oh why did I say 100!
28.    Looking more attractive than I really am
29.    When people compliment me
30.    Hitting song marks on stage
31.    Making people relax
32.    Dancing even if someone said I wasn’t their type
33.    Dancing when someone said they wouldn’t and they do
34.    Taking my solace in the back
35.    When I get a dance to a song I love
36.    When I get an extra dance because of a song they like
37.    When people round the tip higher than what I was secretly hoping for
38.    When I find bonus money – like a $20 in my ones
39.    When I am asked for a dance without prospecting
40.    My gowns
41.    My well McGyvered shoes (not the shoes the fact that I McGyvered them)
42.    When I look like hell warmed over and I just earned booko bucks
43.    Seeing great pole co-workers
44.    Being recognized by other girls
45.    Knowing that people notice me even if I don’t notice them
46.    Cleaning the bathroom
47.    My redbull cranberry drink
48.    Looking at the clock and knowing I could go cuz I’ve put in my minimum
49.    My body spray
50.    My peppermint scented lip gloss
51.    When people come to see me special
52.    Picking the money guy successfully
53.    Making deals that work to my advantage and make the guest love me
54.    OK I’m changing the title to 69, cuz well I can and even now the list of 100 seems too much!
55.    When people say I have a great personality and then they stumble hoping I didn’t take it as an insult
56.    When people guess my age under 27
57.    When I dance for kids that are early twenties and they don’t know how old I am
58.    That I have more energy than my 20-something co-workers
59.    That I make great money despite NOT being “the magazine comes to life”
60.    Tying my hair in a knot
61.    When people pay me to give me GOOD massages
62.    When people hand me money for no reason
63.    When I danced for a gay guy and he told me he was truly entertained even though he wasn’t attracted to women
64.    When people are impressed I remembered their names
65.    When people actually remember my name
66.    When people realize my boobs are real and love that
67.    My beautiful natural nails
68.    When girls respect stripper protocol
69.    When I use a line I’ve used forever and people think I’m so witty and smart
70.    When I make up a new line and I know I’m witty and smart
71.    Soaking in the bathtub after work
72.    Any YES that results in me earning money
73.    When I can tip someone who helped me and feel good that I have plenty to share
74.    When I get the stage to myself
75.    When people shower me with money
76.    OK so some of these are repetitive but you’re still reading aren’t ya?
77.    When I have a great nites that started out crappy
78.    When I hit a money target
79.    When I go over a money target
80.    Funny conversations in the dressing room
81.    When people think I’m smart
82.    When people are impressed I have a card/web site
83.    When people are impressed I have a Math Degree
84.    When I get to tell my Heisenberg joke to people who get it
85.    Hmm, too bad I wasn’t timing myself, I wonder how fast a hate list would have gone?!
86.    Unexpected courtesy
87.    Generosity
88.    Being told I have a great body
89.    Kindness
90.    That the club is beautiful
91.   The staff is friendly and professional – nice environment
92.    There’s 8 stalls in the ladies room
93.    Housemoms are always helpful
94.    When it’s easy
95.    When my timing is perfect
96.    When a customer is loyal
97.    Guys who dig me cuz I like hockey
98.    When people see me as a person and not an object
99.    Being thanked publicly for staying on stage
100.    When it’s my turn for shaking
101.    Being comfortable enough with my body to walk around almost naked at work
102.    Knowing I’m an Executive Stripper

OK that was challenging around the 20’s and now I know I could add more!

Go boobies!

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