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Mark Joyner is a good sport. Oh sense the NLP setup, and seriously though, ever since I met Mark at the Double Party in the early days of FAP way back in 2003, he has a fun and easygoing spirit. Mark is one of the few Internet Marketers I actually enjoy and value his teaching, both content and style. (And there are hundreds of other IMers I have investigated, followed, dabbled in their methods, and ultimately unsubscribed from – either from lack of benefit to me or due to their pure spamoramic nonsense)

Currently, Mark is running a contest to win Simpleology Business Coaching, part of which is random luck, from all entries five people get names drawn out of a hat and one lucky winner is chosen based on “best entry” which I am answering with fun & creativity. That I have in spades. What I could benefit the most from Simpleology Business Coaching is finishing. I have umpteen projects half to ninety-five percent complete. I change my mind as to what to focus on, I waffle, procrastinate, get easily distracted.

Part of the issue I have recently come to realize is that I am a scanner, as defined by Barbara Sher in her book “Refuse to Choose

Sher identifies someone she calls The Scanner-someone who frequently has a multiplicity of interests, but finds it hard to create a successful life he or she loves because their passions and abilities are taking them in so many different directions.

As a result of my health, it is increasingly more difficult to continue to be a stripper, even though I have fun and still hold my own when I manage to get to work, I know in my heart it is time to move on and apply my talents to creating value and money in a way that will allow me the freedom to work from home on the computer as I continue to heal my body.

So here, much to Mark Joyner’s expected chagrin, I have funDivaized Mark Joyner:

funDivaized Mark Joyner
funDivaized Mark Joyner

Now, I am so happy and grateful to be the delighted winner of Mark Joyners Simpleology Business Coaching and time will tell if Mark and his team can do the reverse: to Joynerize funDiva

Joynerized funDiva Logo
Joynerized funDiva Logo

Now ideally, I wouldn’t post this til late in the contest, being the sneak that I am, cuz so far there’s not many entries and I’d love to have the advantage! However two factors are making me take action today – there’s no actual deadline listed, so my best guess is July 22nd and I’m busy with my 20 year (gack!) High School Reunion this weekend, if I don’t get it done now, I probably won’t and then I kick myself.

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3 Replies to “Joynerize funDiva”

  1. LOL Looks like fun – I’ll help you promote. Thanks for the shout out – I’ve wondered what you were up to and how your health was holding out. Hugs across the miles.

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  3. Your contest entry was so cool! Glad Mark laughed over you making him a funDiva, still wish he had Joynerized you…