update for my 10k friends

typing with one hand please excuse punctuation and caps

went to doctor direct from airport, he did not do xray – he said hairline fracture will not show up on xray so if it still hurts in 2-3 weeks then they do mri. he did full range of motion exam and thinks it is mainly muscle soreness. for now he put me in a sling and he wants me wear the sling to rest it most daytime hours

asking for anyone I am connecting with, likely will be best to actually speak on phone, texting and email is tedious lol for the next week-ish

posted a few photo & vids so far

deadline for speaker submissions for my domain industry event is sept 21, event late january 2019, happy I have time, will apply by august 31st at noon. will ask my toastmasters if I can practice my speech with them, so I can add that under Previous Speaking Experience


any hints welcome, last year the side stage breakout sessions were short 15 minute sessions so that is my goal
the ceo and organizers already know me, although not as a speaker, so that works in my favor
also can make a preview video for them to look at, my toastmasters group can help me film it

will be in touch with accountability folks, will make one minute vid for ig by noon wednesday