Advance or Die!

I just signed up for a new teleclass with Dave Lakhani called “Advance or Die!” I was a fan of Dave’s books before I had the chance to meet and hang out with him at a small marketing event in Jan 2009. He is tremendously genuine, and at the same time a masterful salesman – I feel his salesmanship is so Jedi-Neo-out of this world it’s almost an insult to refer to his level of skill as sales. Understand that he is a true master of NLP so he could use his power for evil and does not. I was amazed and grateful for Dave’s unique ability to “meet people where they’re at” meaning the way he spoke to each individual at the conference was the way we each wanted to be spoken to – he could be tough if the person needed a drill sergeant and compassionate if the person needed to be heard (that was me BTW)

The offer he is making is truly irresistible, the teleseminar alone is well worth $30 but the addition of a Free ticket to his live event is so unbelievable I had to re-read his email carefully to make sure I was reading correctly. I am certain the teleseminar alone is worth more than that. And I can personally vouch that he is a man of his word and will honor his guarantee, if the class is not for you he will refund you.

Who wants to join me? 🙂

Feel free to check out his main site, blog and Amazon Author’s page:

Do hurry thou, as the special offer only runs thru Jan 2nd, in fact if you don’t have time to look into it, seriously just go sign up anyway! Please note this is not an affiliate deal for me, I just really know this is right for me and trust Dave will deliver for you too.

Here is Dave’s original email
Advance or Die!

I know that is hard for many people to hear. And because of that it is
important that you read this whole email, total reading time is under
three minutes.

When I write something like that people say “you are being mean!” In
reality though, I’m not, I’m saying the most compassionate thing I can
to you.

Advance or Die is a business and life philosophy that I began sharing
with my private coaching and consulting clients. To succeed and grow
in an economy like ours you have to choose every day, will this advance
or will it die. There are many things in our business that need to advance
in order to succeed and there are equally as many that need to die (old
beliefs, ways of doing things, people-metaphorically) that need to die
in order for us to move forward. And sometimes as hard as it is to hear
the business needs to die in order to be reborn in a new profitable form.
By making a choice to Advance or Die you are making a conscious decision
to take action on your business or yourself in a way that moves you forward.

It isn’t the economy that is killing us right now, it is stagnation and
inactivity, it is a general malaise that has crept over business owners
and thus buyers. It is hesitation to the point of damnation (of our economy,
our business, ourselves) that keeps us from turning the corner here.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If your business isn’t where it should be today, if you aren’t making
the profits you should be, if you aren’t getting enough sales, if your
marketing efforts aren’t working they way they did, you have a decision
to make. You have to ask this one simple question:

“What MUST I do differently than I have in the past two years to get
the results I need finally?”

What I’m going to say next is going to make you mad.

If you knew the real answer you’d have already done it!

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best way to get
you the real answers to that question. Should I send a bunch of emails?
Well honestly, I know most of you don’t read them. Should I do a
bunch of blog posts? By the time you find them you’ll be well into
your year when you should be started on strategies that work. So I
decided to do a four part teleseminar and I want to invite you to
be on the call with me.

As you know, I’ve written a bunch of books including How To Sell
When Nobody’s Buying and Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You
Want. I work with companies all over the world helping them get
massive results. I just got back from Amsterdam where I spent most of
the month of November working with a company that grew over 65% in
what is arguably the worst economy any of us have seen. They learned
and applied the answers to that question above.

If you really are ready to Advance this year or if it is time to throw
in the towel, I want you on a very special 2011 Advance or Die
Business Acceleration call I’m going to do over four sessions in

I’m going to walk you through the exact process I take clients who
pay me thousands of dollars per month to create sales and marketing
turnarounds in their companies. I’m going to show you step by step,
turn by turn exactly what to do in your business. I’m going to answer
your questions live and I’m going to record every word so you can
go back and listen again and again.

I’m going to cover:
1. The Top 10 Things You MUST Do To Insure Business Success And
Growth This Year
2. The Top 5 Small Business Trends You Must Adopt This Year If You
Hope To Succeed Long Term
3. The Truth About Marketing And What Works Today
4. How The Consumer Buying Process Has Changed And What You Have To
Know To Get People To Buy
5. How Sales Have Changed And Exactly What Sales Techniques You And
Your Team Must Know If You Hope To Win More business
6. The Truth About Goal Setting, Time Management And Focus Based On
The Latest Brain Research
7. The Latest Persuasion Breakthroughs That You Must Know About
8. 7.5 Business Acceleration Strategies You Must Implement Before
February 15th To Set The Course For Your Year

I’m not going to hard sell you on this, that kind of selling is dead and
gone. You can either make a simple decision or be the victim of inaction.

Is there a fee? Yep, $29.97, less than a dollar a day for the month of
January to totallyvtransform your business, less than the full retail
cost of one of my books to get my direct help with your business. I want
this to be an absolute “No Brainer” and I think that price does it. You
can sign up here
This price is only available until midnight January 2, 2011, on January
3, 2011, the price goes up to $297.00. Of course if you don’t like the
class for any reason, just let me know after our first call and I’ll
refund every penny you paid. I’m confident I’ll so over deliver that
you’ll think I should have charged more! There is no web page to go to
no videos, testimonials and this isn’t being offered to anyone but
loyal readers like you. Clicking the link advances you to the order page.
Fill it out and move forward with me.

In addition, because I know how important it is for you to be physically
ready for the year, I’m inviting two additional experts to be on the
call, the first is Matt Hoover, Ironman and winner of Season 2 of
The Biggest Loser. He’ll be discussing getting your weight and
fitness plan together. It is time for you to finally Advance before
you Die, Matt can help. And, I’m bringing on Dave Woynarowski, MD and
author of The Immortality Edge who will talk about simple breakthroughs
in life extension that will help you live your best life this year and
will share simple life extension strategies that you can employ right

This isn’t going to be a call trying to sell you a bunch more, frankly
I don’t care if you buy anything else from me this year, this is the
most important thing I have to offer for business owners.

Oh, and one more thing, I’m doing a live 3 day sales, marketing and
persuasion event in February here in Boise. I’m going to give free
scholarships to come to the event which sells for $2500 to people who
sign up for this event and only for those people so if you’d like to
attend one of my exclusive live trainings, you must sign up for this

Ok, that’s it for now, you have two choices to make right now . . .

Advance and Sign Up To Accelerate Your Business Now
Die – And Do What You’ve Always Done Expecting Different Results

And of course, this event is completely protected by a full
money back guarantee, if I don’t over deliver on business changing
content simply ask for your money back after the first class and I’ll
cheerfully give it to you.

I look forward to answering your questions and to helping you make
2011 your breakthrough year!

Dave Lakhani

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