Antisocial Networking Part Two

This is getting to be about ridiculous.

How many social networking sites can you be part of? I had registered for facebook months ago, then my domain was sortof hijacked and I lost access to my special spamproof email that I had used for facebook. So it wouldn’t let me login, cuz if you ask for a password reset, the only way for them to do that is sending to the email on file. WRONG – how stupidly inefficient for a site as big as they are, same goes for technorati by the way. If you’re going to have a huge site, you just know that people are going to require to change emails and forget passwords. Build it right.

So now I just signed up again, cuz that was easier than waiting a week for someone to get back to me by email, if they ever even did. But I may just cancel, cuz if people click on my special happy stupid badge below, they are going to be given an option to poke me. It is my inclination that being poked is not appealing to me.

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