lookie how productive I am

OK inspired by this article


I reflected a bit on what I have been stuck on in getting my audio class done.

Hey David,

I am finding amusement in the fact that you are already swamped AND you are inviting people to give ya info fill up a new project! Only because I do the same thing.

Which is an interesting reflection, you just started writing, you’re fired up about this idea, so that’s a good catalyst to keep it going.

I do the same thing, but my issue is starting on things and burning out before it’s done, or starting too many things and that seems to be the challenge I have in procrastination. I procrastinate cuz I made up too much stuff to do that I am not fired up about anymore.

So right now I am working on finishing a project that I started months ago, and I can see progress, like how Sarah said in what I got done each day, but I still feel like if I just sequestered myself from the internet and plowed thru I could be done in like 6 hours, instead of dragging it on over days and weeks. Like now how I was just gonna checked my RSS for a minute and diverted here?! What was the question? Oh yeah

(1&2)I have a big task, finish my project, broken down into little pieces, and depending on how big the piece is, just completing ONE for me is something. Theres other ToDos not on a list, that get done by habit, I pay bills online once a week, shopping, laundry done on weekends, Tuesday is library day etc. Golly the idea of everything I could ever want to do is kinda daunting but intriguing.

(3)I do usually feel like I could have done more though so either I can focus on getting two things done or let it go and accept it will take me twice as long.

(4)Distractions are probably my biggest problem in starting a task, and/or not really having clear definitions of which tasks to do first. I thought the flexibility where I am in this project of having several tasks where order doesn’t matter would be a relief so I could pick and choose, but now typing this it seems that may be a distraction in itself. It seems that after I finish the last few things where after that I will only have one logical step that can be done, that’ll be simpler. The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously. – Henry Kissinger (how lovely I just saved this quote last week)

OK now I’m gonna blog my answers myself and see what else we can come up with!

Excuse the rambling and feel free to ask for clarity, but I like the just type and send method myself.


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