Greetings from Oregon

OK well really we are back in Las Vegas after our trip thru Medford to Grants Pass, Oregon. I forgot how beautiful trees are! Elkay and I went for a walk in the park across from our hotel on Saturday morning. It was about 40° F ( 4.4° C), foggy and overcast. Little did I know the sun would emerge and raise the temp to the 60’s later. Elkay liked looking at the huge geese and ducks.

Elkay & Christy with the birds

We walked down to the river and saw a fish that was about 5 times the length of Elkay! Her arms don’t even reach big enough to show you. He was no longer living, which was sad, but not so much for Elkay, cuz FISH which is her favorite DISH but without no money that’s still a wish. (Mike taught us this song – this line at ~2:00 )

Elkay and Christy by the river

Here we are on our balcony

Oregon Balcony