HalfAss my way to BadAss

It is my intention to be a participant on tonight’s BadAss call with Ben Mack.


Wednesday, August 20th at 9:00pm Eastern

Ben has a great coaching style, matching his level of Drill Sergeant-ness or confidence building gentleness to the person he is coaching. I sound over-confident at times when I am using my “professional performance voice” and I am almost afraid to ask a question. I don’t want to get the Sergeant when right now I feel I require the gentleness and am more likely to respond to that.

I have been pondering coming up with a great question, came up with a few, but would rather ask him what question I should ask.

Here’s the basics:
I am not consistently well physically and currently struggling to function normally on a daily basis as a human being. Primarily digestive distress, coupled with the added stress and anxiety of not feeling well, trying to get better, and financially struggling as a result of all of the above preventing me from working my regular job.

So I am not really at a point where I can say I can commit to anything, for starfish sake, I currently do not wish to even get roped into the $30 monthly list cost.

The questions I came up with are:
Can I halfAss my way to BadAss?
Do I have to pick a niche?
Without a niche, how can I build a list?

Oh pif-nut – I’m not really making any sense and none of this sounds like I wanted it to. So with that, I will simply publish and let is be what it is.


A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

PS I listened to the past 4 calls, took notes, and connected (facebook, twitter) with a few participants who were readily findable and sounded nice.

2 Replies to “HalfAss my way to BadAss”

  1. Love the play on words — half-assed BadAss — LOL

    Really sorry to hear of your health issues — sure can identify with ’em, though. Hubby has had mega health issues and my stress level affects MY digestive system when it gets to be a little too much.

    I’m impressed that you mustered up the courage to face the Drill Instructor … I have been too cowardly to even sign my name when I send messages to Ben on the web link. You really helped me a great deal by being so bold … it was like you were in my head at times.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Ciao for now,

    Janelle the CCGAL

  2. Hi Christy!

    Just followed my way over here via the link trail. I will have to catch the replay of the Bad Ass call, I missed that and another call last night.

    I love the Half assed Bad Ass concept. Though whatever you do, if you are giving your 100% at THAT moment it’s YOUR Full Out Bad Ass!!

    You can never give less than your 100% unless you compare it JUDGE it as less by some agreed-upon-cultural standard. It’s your 100% right Now and so what if it’s not the same as someone else’s 100%?

    All you need to be is the BEST YOU in any moment and not compare that moment to ones that came before it or project that because is isn’t up to the level of prior moments or another’s moments – your future moments will be less than ideal.

    You are brilliant! And your FULL “half-assed Bad Ass” moments reflect your brilliance!


    I’m blinded by your Light! …..

    In Appreciation and Joy!


    PS… Comparisons are odious.

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