OK so I’m watching the unSeminar and theres all these neat people there talking about not being able to participate in the networking of the live event

So if thats true about you and you want to connect, post a comment here with your twitter, facebook AND justinTV username (so we know who’s who)

JustinTV – funDiva
facebook –
twitter –

Here’s a few of who I got so far, and also see the comments, I gotta sleep so I will follow up more on this for everyone in the next few days!

PPS Not many were interested in listing facebook, for some reason, but feel free to add
AND go see the great group started by Laura here:

12:57 buzmcg:
12:57 ccgal:
12:57 mattdetrick:
12:57 susannetanner:http://twitter/SusanneTanner
12:58 allaboutenergy_amy:
12:58 equipmentguy:
12:58 robert_fowler:
12:58 txkingdavid:
12:59 louisgreen:
12:59 wendyjroan:
1:00 cobb_b:
1:00 laughing_laura:
1:00 odinnsorensen:
1:00 robindexter:

9 Replies to “connect”

  1. Way cool! I’m CCGAL on Twitter, and the Crescent City Gal on my blog. I live up in the wild pacific northwest, a block from the ocean, in the only US town ever to be hit by a tsunami. I attended Unseminar4 last November, and if my husband weren’t so sick, I’d be there in San Antonio today (with at least one guitar and maybe an accordion, LOL). I would LOVE to get to know more people who are interested in what Pat is doing, especially in the “put on a seminar or retreat” kind of stuff.

    Ciao for now!

    Janelle the CCGAL


    Say howdy!

    I would love to connect with people who are into internet marketing, especially on subjects unrelated to “how to market on the internet” and also especially folks on the West Coast.


  3. Hey FunDiva – yes lots of very cool people there & here. My Twitter name = my Facebook name = my name = ZenDoc
    Also I have for anyone wishing to do a joint venture at anytime in the future or now.
    All proposals get consideration – type it in the ASK Database & I’ll provide you with stats on the most requested JV’s.
    – David ZenDoc