How to reach funDiva Christy by phone

You lucky starfish! If you are reading this it means we will be chatting on the phone.

I have a totally wonky schedule. I sleep weird hours, work graveyard a couple random nites a week, and it changes from day to day.

When people ask when is the best time to call me – the answer is whenever you want to! Call me 24 hours a day, literally.

Flashing Phone Ringer

You cannot disturb me because my phone doesn’t ring. I have a flashing phone ringer. It’s like a strobe light for your phone.*

If I am in my computer room, I see it, if not I will see my voicemail blinking that I have a message. My voicemail messages are also delivered instantly to my email.

I return calls between 9AM and 9PM YOUR time zone, unless you tell me different.

So if you happen to be working late and call me at Midnight, and I don’t answer and you will be up until 2AM, tell me that. Always tell me the times in YOUR OWN time zone and what time zone your’re in. I have a chart for US & Canada, and use for Int’l. Plus since I am the one with the Math Degree let me worry about the conversion!

If I don’t answer, it just means I’m away from the computer for a bit. Which is hardly ever these days! Exceptions are when I am sleeping or at work, maximum 12 hours. I’m also on skype, but I only load it if I have a planned international call, I call US & Canada free so remind me if you don’t have unlimited.
I do not own nor do I desire to have a cell phone.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

*Get your own $10 RadioShack Fone Flasher

Oh pif, they don’t carry my model anymore. Here’s another, just not as nifty as mine
$20 RadioShack Fone Flasher