My vision

My Vision

I wake up fully rested and with ease, without an alarm clock to the gentle sounds of morning. Mike takes a little longer to awaken. I go out on the deck over looking the vast Rocky Mountains and do my morning exercises. It is summer, so the windows of the solar greenhouse deck are fully open. I breathe in the clean mountain air and I can feel my lungs rejuvenate with every breath. As I exercise, I listen to the latest motivational tapes I am currently reviewing. I am so happy to have been asked to edit this, to add my personal touch and be able to add yet another credit to my networking resume. Mike has drawn a bath in our huge whirlpool tub, and I am ready for a good soak after my workout. We plan our day and eat fruits from the co-op garden in town. This is the best time of year for fruits and berries in Colorado, but luckily we are able to fly them in year round, but it’s nice to know they are local. Mike is taking me on a surprise trip this evening; all I have been told is that I need my passport and a suitcase. He has an outfit for when I get there, but to wear jeans on the plane. Last trip, all we brought was our personal items and our Tumi luggage. It is such a relief when traveling to not have to worry about anything; clothes, business supplies, hassle. The freedom of having internet available and to be able to give people information from anywhere is fantastic. I have freed myself from paper and clutter forever. I can concentrate on keepsakes, without guilt because all the business paper is out of my life. My parents are coming to housesit and watch the kittens, they enjoy the vacation too. My Dad has completely retired, although he does some consulting for fun to keep his mind active. And my Mom’s retired too. She loves to plan events and has been a great organizer for health parties and other conventions. They are looking and feeling better than I can remember. And Nicole is coming by with them, although she is leaving soon for New York. She has a new film, and it is an independent film, but she is excited to see Mimi’s new apartment and it is Taylor Hanson’s first film. He called her out of respect and excitement; she thinks it is so ironic that he is nervous to meet her! Mike says we can stop in New York on the way home for a visit. Hmm, it must be Europe, Middle East? Probably not down under, but we could go all the way around. I’ll just have to wait and see.

After a leisurely soak, I enjoy my morning massage, Cynthia has a thriving practice in our little mountain town, but having her at our disposal is fantastic. I could not be stressed if I tried. We get dressed and play with the cats until my parents arrive. I do have some calls that I squeeze in, all of my leaders are fully prepared for my vacation, but I want them to know I care. As usual, none of them need anything immediate, but it’s nice to chat. I am starting a new prospecting campaign when I return, and so the cycle will begin again. When my parents arrive we head out to lunch and shopping, I’m still prying for hints if I need to buy anything but they make no mistakes. This restaurant has become one of my favorites; the chef has catered several dinners for us, and is very respectful of our eating choices. Eating abroad is no longer a problem, regardless of custom; they will prepare anything I like since I can afford it. We finish lunch and go back to the house. I spend another hour with the kittens before we must leave, we are being chauffeured to Denver, meeting friends for dinner and then leaving. I grab my lightweight suitcase, and final kisses for everyone we are on our way. Mike and I have time to talk in the car ride and enjoy the scenery. We are discussing the new cabinets and built in bookcase for the entertainment room. Our workshops are joined so we can work on projects together or separately, but still have a conversation when the tools aren’t too noisy. We have acquired some reclaimed river timbers and can’t decide whether to use them in the game room or not, they are naturally waterproof, so deck furniture would be nice too. Mike wants to wait until we get them, but it’s something to look forward to. We arrive with plenty of time before our 7 PM flight I have now at least figured out that we will not be leaving the country until tomorrow, so tonight will be somewhere coastal. I am surprised to find all of my friends at dinner. I thought it would only be four and it has turned into over 20! My leaders are there, how casual they were on the phone this morning! I love it. The people I love the most and who I respect the most surround me. We have all reached goals we’ve been wanting forever, and it was at the pinnacle of the first convention that things just took off. We enjoy a great dinner; I even send for the chef and ask some questions. He is so impressed at our happiness; he is an open minded and friendly individual. He would like to be able to cook for people with special dietary needs, as he helped his mother overcome Crohn’s through diet. I smile and introduce him to one of my leaders who lives near him and they already have lunch planned. I am so happy and proud. I love being able to have confidence that he will be treated the same way I would have treated him. I have trained the trainer. I have successfully passed my knowledge on, to be replicated the world over.

Mike reminds me we have a plane to catch. He has gone to the extent of hiding the location as we get on the plane. As we are seated in first class, I reflect on our perfect day. I am excited to find out where we are going, and think this is the perfect way to travel. No expectations, no limitations, fully living life for the moment in the moment. In fact it is the perfect way to live. Knowing we are easily going to live to be well into our mid 100s and healthy and vibrant the entire time. We have many moments that are perfect. They have happened all the time, our entire lives, but we are now in a limitless receiving mode. The doors are closed. We engage in a tender kiss, as the pilot begins the announcement. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain. I’d like to welcome you aboard flight 726, non-stop Denver to . . .

Hold your breath . . .make a wish . . . count to three. Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination. We’ll begin with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation. What you’ll see will defy explanation. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to do it, want to change the world, there’s nothing to it. There is no life I know, to compare with pure imagination. Living there you’ll be free, if you truly wish to be.

Some people get by with a little understanding. Some people get by with a whole lot more. Well I don’t know why you’ve got to be so undemanding. One thing I know, I WANT MORE. I want more, and I need all the love I can get, and I need all the love that I can’t get too.

What do we need to make our world come alive? What does it take to make us sing? What are we waiting for, the next one to arrive? One million points of light one billion dollar VISION THING.

Hey, you kids is pretty good. We’re just getting warmed up!


the previous version

“Good morning”,Mike says as he lightly brushes his hand across my temple. Good morning I reply. I inhale deeply through my nose and open my eyes as I exhale. I look into the eyes of my best friend and pull his lips toward mine. Our kiss is sweet clean and refreshing and invigorating. I am engulfed in the warm cozy featherbed fluffy and secure as Mike holds me in a loving embrace.

“Let’s get going” I say spurred by the anticipation of the day. “Drapes” I order to my automatic house. The rich heavy velvet drapes begin to open. Like the old huge screen movie theaters. They are 15 feet high and cover our floor to ceiling panoramic window which offer a breathtaking view from our bed. Mike speaks “Music, jazz” and easy jazz music fills the room from discreetly hidden speakers in the walls and ceiling. Thankfully when we had the straw bale house built he had the foresight to have the entire house wired for audio, video, and multimedia. Everything about the house contradicts the fact that it is of earth-friendly all natural materials and extremely energy efficient. One would hardly suspect that with all of its modern conveniences such as automated drapes, home theater, and fully loaded workshop, that we are entirely off the grid.

It is early and I am relaxed and well rested. I look out at our view of the magical forrest humming with life and vibrantly reflecting the sunrise. We can see for miles down the valley and across to the water. It sparkles with mini bursts of light.

I step into my closet and the lights automatically come on. “Sweats” I say and a rack of selections is transported to my fingertips like magic. Even the clothes I wore yesterday are clean and ready to wear again in their place. The staff who does my laundry operates seamlessly behind the scenes and I operate my house without a hitch.

We throw on some clothes for a morning hike out in the clear mountain breeze to explore one of the many trails on our 200 acres of mountain land. Even though these are what other people would call sweats they are made of the softest and finest fabric available, silky with the softest fleecy cushioning. My skin feels thankful to come in contact with my clothes.

We exit through the bedroom balcony and wind down the path to the garden atrium. The house is so perfectly designed that it blends seamlessly with the forest in harmony not distracting from the natural beauty. We enter the garden and pick fruit for breakfast. This morning I am having red grapes and cantaloupe. We are able to grow the best quality food year round and it is nice that we are contributing to the soil and the land. The breakfast fruit is collected and whisked away to be prepared while we finish our hike.

The hike is short and invigorating and we talk about how beautiful the trails will be in the winter with snow on them. We return from our hike to the lower level of the house and enter the patio area of our indoor/outdoor spa and mineral soaking caves. The patio doors are fully retractable and the glass roof is opened with a simple expression “Open Sky”. We have an ozonized fully solar heated pool large enough for laps and convenient for playing. There is a three room sauna which can be closed off for 3 private areas, combination steam showers with private dressing areas for guests. There is a traditional jacuzzi hot tub, ozonized of course, and jetted reclining seats for 4 people a beautiful waterfall cascades into the hot tub.

Then there are the soaking tubs. We easily and effortlessly tapped into a fantastic hot water mineral spring on our land. The soaking pools are kept at moderately different temperatures with a cool pool for rinsing and cooling off.

I float aimlessly in the pool partially submerged in an up right lounger and eat the fruit breakfast that has been prepared for me. I will soak and warm myself in the soaking pools and then enjoy my daily massage. I could not be stressed if I tried. Mike in the meantime will get in a quick workout with his personal trainer in the home gym and join me in the soaking pool shortly. TO BE CONTINUED . . .

This was my Old Vision which did not move me much, but there were some parts I like.

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