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OK I just signed up for audioDizer and want to see what it does. The overview is that I submitted my feed for this blog to my member account and they are going to read my posts using text-to-speech and make my blog available for people to listen to.

Which should be neat, although I have no idea what it will sound like.

Their site was not completely intuitive, but basically set up a free account here

And then verify & login and submit your feed. Which is why I am doing this post, I want to see if it only does posts from now on, or if it will eventually go back and do all my old posts too. And of course how long it takes.

I’ll report back when you can listen to this without me having to read it!

(edit : 10 minutes later)

OH pifnut its pretty sad, the audio is just standard text-to-speech and I would think most people would have a hard time understanding or getting used to it.

Go here and click on “Audio >> New!” to get an example (I just chose a random story from technologyReview who already uses the service, you can look for any article there that you might be interested in)

Maybe I should fire up dragon again and I can write and talk at the same time.

(Edit: Monday Morning 6am-ish )

Well here it is . . . and it is hilarious! Not quite what I was expecting, but hey it came thru.

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