funDiva TeleClass – How to make the most out of attending seminars!

Out of inspiration from the PEF forum I am having a last minute teleclass.  Pat O’Bryan is about to have unseminar4 & I cannot attend, so I thought how about I teach people all my tricks to getting the most out of their seminar experience.  I am a natural extrovert and outrageous so I really do well meeting great people at seminars & events.  Plus there’s a few things I learned over the years that you can prepare for in advance that I wish I had thought of before I got to the event.

Late notice and I’m doing it Halloween nite cuz I will be out of town Thurs-Sun and Monday will be too late for the people in my forum who are going to US4 to get benefits from the stuff ya gotta plan ahead for.

But I thought some of you might be interested.

How to make the most out of attending seminars!

funDiva Teleclass Wed Oct 31st 6:15 PM Pacific
Conference Number 1-218-486-1300
Bridge Number: 870675

we are starting at an odd time so we don’t hit traffic from other conferences!

Pacific 6:15 PM
Mountain 7:15 PM
Central 8:15 PM
Eastern 9:15 PM

London 1:15 AM Thurs
Brisbane 11:15 AM Thurs

If you have any specific questions please email me. And since I am not doing a signup, please reply if you can attend, not a big thing, if I have only 5 people on it’s worth it.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested
Talk to ya Wed Nite!