my name is . . .

Hi my name is Christy Lynn, it’s long for Christy

That’s my new tag line for introducing myself at work.

I get really tired of almost every single customer saying “Is that your real name” which is why when I first traveled to work in Dallas, I chose to use my real name. It was also the first time “Christy” was available too, cuz it is pretty common. After that I just loved using my real name and I was over my fear of someone tracking me down or stalking me, cuz realistically if someone has it in for me, knowing my real name or not is not really gonna stop them anyway.

I got stuck with “Indiana” at OGs, cuz my friend thought it would be cute as I am a big Harrison Ford fan, but it was just stupid. And it cost me money when I would have a customer know me by Christy, then come back requesting me and if they didn’t remember me telling them my stage name, I lost out. Sales and marketing tip: Keep it simple, especially when your customers are often drunk!

So when Christy finally left, I asked for my own name back and the DJ was like, golly (although I am sure he never actually said the word golly) we’ve know you by Indiana all these years, it’s gonna be hard to switch, so I compromised with him and came up with Christy Anna as a combo.

Fast forward 5 years to my eventual being phased out of OGs for politics and I find myself in the same boat at CH3, there’s already a Christy, and even worse, there’s a Christina, Kristen, Christine, so Christy Anna is vetoed as it sounds too much like Christina. With the baby name book in front of me and after considering “Christabelle” for about 9 seconds before I decided that was just too stupid, my eureka moment occurred to choose Christy Lynn.

So there it is. And the real inspiration for this post was not my tremendously interesting story I just rambled but actually to honor the most creative customer fake name I’ve been given in quite a while.

I get guys who when I ask their name say “What do you want it to be?” to which I cleverly over the years have responded “Rich”! I am waiting for the next time it happens to try out Warren Buffet or Bill Gates as a reply!

That inspired me to write a joke: “What are a strippers 3 favorite names that her customers are named? Benjamin, Rich and Bill” Ha ha kinda corny but cute

AND MY POINT IS . . . this past Monday St Patricks Day, I met a great group of elevator guys. They’ll know what I mean. Actually they were all in the commercial elevator industry so it’s not like its an inside joke or something.

One of the guys gave me his name as “Bubbles”. Cute, I thought he was poking fun at how ridiculous some of the girls’ names are.

And now for the punchline:

Later his buddy paid me to dance for him and I asked him again, nicely, ok so I know you told me Bubbles, but really now, what’s your real name? He said no I really am Bubbles. I said why don’t you want to give me your real name? He said, Well everyone likes to blow Bubbles don’t they! Badump-Bum

So it was worth it, and extra funny to me as I had my SpongeBob purse and we all know SpongeBobs affinity and expertise in bubble blowing.