the weight is over

OK I have finally decided to get over my resentment about being fired from OGs for being fat and just suck it up and lose weight.  I am angry that I am judged that harshly when my weight is reasonable, but it occured to me, embarrasingly while watching “Make Me a Supermodel”!

One of the judges was coming down on two of the models for not working out toward the end of the competition, and these are people who have better bodies than 99% of the population.   The judges comment was that by normal standards, they were in great shape but they wanted to be supermodels which was their choice therefore they should expect to be judged more harshly and be held to a higher standard of fitness.

It is and has been my choice to be an entertainer, and honestly I can say that the struggle to work the lower-paying shifted hours or at a smaller club would have greatly outweighed (no pun intended) any pain I would have had to have gone thru to just suck it up and lose the weight 6 months ago.

I started with some simple workout videos from the library and have done that for 3 days, although sadly, I couldn’t make it thru more than 20-25 minutes of what I would consider a pretty easy routine.  Then I happened to catch Paul McKenna on TV tonite so I signed up for his forum and watching his other info on youTube.  He does hypnosis & NLP stuff.

I want to take some before pics of myself so I will get that done for yall this week, and if anyone wants to buddy up and join me in feeling healthier, comment or let me know, accountability is a good thing for me to have.