the numbers have it

so when I post right from youTube, the title that ends up in the sidebar comes out as a number. Then I can change it later, to whatever I really wanted the title to be. But how fun is it that because of this my fishpaste birthday was randomly post number 36 which is of course the age I am now!

what a math geek

and I decided I’m going to call my self a LavHat hacker, like the Black Hat/White Hat thing but divaized. So where does Lavender fall in the good against evil fight? I’m doing a take on google who i am no longer in love with, cuz they aren’t sticking to their mantras.

Thing #2 Google does search. Well it’s ok but somehow they got sidetracked and expanded into too many other things to really be any good anymore at search. And I can’t even search my own google notebook or google reader, useless.

Thing #6. You can make money without doing evil.

We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Which brings me to my point, what is Lav Hat? Be evil with a smile. By not playing the game I’m the biggest player of the game.

I was turned down for a dance the other nite by a guy who said he was not into tantric dances. As I was walking away I chided, baby they’re all tantric dances.

PS hi JB hope your presentation went well even without sleep