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Shrinking links on twitter

In using twitter, I was reminded of a cool tool I’ve had for a long time

they have a feature called AUTO that you add to your bookmarks and it automatically shrinks whatever URL you are on, which is lovely in conjunction with twitter

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what a linky post, oh well you’ll get over it!

EDIT: New secret hack accidentally discovered! A blogger who shall remain nameless recently added gross photos to her or his blog, so I have avoided going there. But I wanted to read a post so I shut off photos [Firefox: Tools->Options-> Content-> UNCHECK Load Images Automatically (somehow adding the domain to exceptions and blocking didn’t work- will investigate later)]

Then I still had images off and went back to twitter, and how cool is this? Instead of avatars, I got a list of names for the followers, not cut & pasteable but I’m working on it.

The below previously published wasn’t as fun or useful as I though and has since been uninstalled:

OK I found a new toy for twitter which I like better than the facebook apps

a firefox extension called twitterbug