extreme life makeover

So what is an extreme life makeover? It is my fun way of expressing me turning over a new leaf, getting over myself and getting on with my life.

I’ve been disconnected for a while, I just get discouraged, then depressed then, if I don’t pull out of it, I revert to being a gambling addict. And I am quite tired of that! There was an expression in GA “Don’t try to solve all your problems at once” well why not? Many of the self-help gurus advocate MASSIVE action and I think I found the balance in both those statements for me.

My goals are to:

1) get in shape

2) get my internet biz rolling to allow me to quit my job AND get out of debt

3) get out of Las Vegas

but each of these have positive effect that affect each other. Right now I’m still a shifted girl at work, meaning I can only work from 3am-10pm, with a 6 hr minimum. I tried going in at 4pm and then staying late, which makes for a long shift and they are cracking down on girls staying longer cuz “it’s not fair to the unshifted girls” (according to one manager) So I pretty much have to choose one or the other, I did one day work 3am-9am then went home, showered, ate, slept for all of 3 hours and went back at 4pm and stayed til 2am. That’s a little crazy. So the getting in shape part will help me become a non-shifted girl.

And of course all this leads to it would be nice to get a better job or a better way to make money. Which leads to my internet biz pursuits, the more
pain it is to work, the more motivated I am to take positive action toward my info biz. And all this makes it possible for Mike & me to get out of Vegas and move to the mountains and built our luxury off-grid home. Once I had a vision page, oh YES, I love archive.org. Here it is for your amusement: and warning it will try to keep loading pics that I’m sure have been moved so once the text is there you can stop loading the page.


oh pif never mind, lemme just stick it here in my own archive!


Now where was I . . . oh yes, so I have successfully worked out for 5 days, and I started an Inspired Action journal. Just a list of what I did that day, even if it was little, that moved me closer to my goals. One thing holding me back was finishing my book about Stripper marketing tactics and my inspired action was to call a mastermind friend who’s a ghostwriter. I’ve been meaning to contact her for months, maybe even a year and I emailed and talked to her in the last 24 hrs. Can you imagine? Putting something off for a year that was so simple, I feel dumb now, but at least the process is in motion. Another action step was to find a GA alternative. My first choice is Wendi.com who is so fabulous, I emailed thru her site and she got back to me right away too. Shes got a gambling addiction program in the works. Cool. Another thing I have been putting off forever and was solved just that fast and without much pain or effort at all.

The easy way is the hard way. I read this on a fitness ladys blog a while ago and I like it. Plus knowing now the difference between Joe Vitale’s “inspired action” and Bruce Musik’s “obvious action”. I kept myself from taking action because it didn’t seem to be magical, earth-moving, life-changing, or any other quality I falsely attributed to what I thought Joe meant by inspired. If its the right action, or even if it isn’t, it’s still action, and that’s better than continuing to stay stuck for me. When Bruce talked about obvious action, the light bulb finally went off, but still made em feel silly, cuz after all its OBVIOUS! He He

SO I am committed to workout daily, eat better, which for me means more salad, drink more water (I havent done this part yet) Keep working my so-called bad shifts with a better attitude and keep open to switching clubs. And taking steps to complete and launch and profit from my info biz. That’s a lot compared to loafing on the couch or gambling for 10 hours straight.

The best most recent audio I listened to by Joe : http://media.libsyn.com/media/nevada45/hyp3.24.08.mp3

The best most recent audio I listened to by Bruce (this one has a signup required, but you can easily unsub after): http://www.peopleyoushouldmeet.com/bruce_muzik1.htm

The best most recent hilarious thing I watched by Wendi : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=59367212779353350&q=wendi

Who do you know who might want to join me in an extreme life makeover? Comment here or contact me privately if that suits ya better.