Yet Another Geek Quiz

While looking at the beautiful and fast implementation of this project,

I ran across this fun and simple geek quiz.

The stripper in me is disappointed the percentage wasn’t one digit higher, like twas here:

68% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou – a Free Dating Site

Click on the green link to take the quiz yourself. FYI, this is a dating site, but very nicely you don’t have to sign up for anything to take the quiz. Which makes me delighted as a 🙂 r+++ (read: happily married geek)

I’m also sad to have spent many more than 67 hours thinking about moving my blog to real hosting with wordpress. It’s going, but I’m switching registrars and know that the hosting is one area I do not want to go with what I got and fix later.

Knowing that Matt will get a trackback, I’m embarrassed that a random person I’ve never met, whos work I admire and probably could not afford to hire or leap to learn to emulate (read:steal and hack source code) is going to see this, my hosted blog.

Lately, I have had to reaffirm “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going” which is what is holding me back. I want valid HTML, beautiful CSS, as little java as possible and all that takes me more time, allthewhile I haven’t implemented any of my 742 ways of making money online with products or consulting services. Or bothered to get off the computer and actually write.

: Sigh :

On a happier and “I feel so dumb” note, I just realized I can make keywords for bookmarks. Duh! Two years of firefox and I just figure that out NOW? I already have js keyword shortcuts for a bunch of stuff that I execute from the address bar, and I am slowly but surely doing the best that I can to migrate away from the mouse, which in my case is a trackball. My new favs: CTRL+l = jump to address bar (that’s a lowercase “L” just don’t want to confuse elsewise twould be ctrl shift L and that will stop time) CTRL+w = close tab (Umm don’t try this now or you’ll go byebye, oh wait, CTRL+Shift+T = re-opens the most recently closed tab, neato) An oldy but goodie, Shift+Tab = navigate back a field, ya know, for when you goof a form fillout? I also love anytime I use the tab key as it reminds me of Homer, “Where’s my tab?”

Homer: [reading screen] "To Start Press Any Key".  Where's the ANY key?
        I see Esk ["ESC"], Catarl ["CTRL"], and Pig-Up ["PGUP"].  There
        doesn't seem to be any ANY key.  Woo!  All this computer hacking
        is making me thirsty.  I think I'll order a TAB.  [presses TAB
        key] time for that now, the computer's starting.
         [reading screen slowly] "Check core temperature, yes slash no."
        [types] Yes.
        "Core temperature normal."  Hmph.  Not too shabby.
        "Vent radioactive gas."  [types] NO.
        "Venting prevents explosi-on."  Heeheee...whoa, this is hard.
        Where's my Tab?  Okay, then, [types] YES, vent the stupid gas.

Baby steps are fishpaste. I want a golden goose NOW Daddy! (Umm, Dad not you really, it’s from Willy Wonka.) I love talking directly to people thru my blog that I know are in my feedblitz.

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